Our mission
Team G Sports was started by taking a long hard look at the team dealer industry, and decided to focus on what everyone was doing wrong. We've separated our mission statement into a list of goals:

1. We specialize in custom team uniforms and team apparel (gear, swag, clothing... whichever you prefer). Whether your team plays a sport, or is a corporate business, we got you covered! 
2. We don't follow a template. We understand your team wants to be unique, so why would we offer you the same look as all of other teams?
3. Bring your own design or let our designers come up with something authentic and original for your team and brand. 
4. We'll work with you or for you. Let us handle the organization and distribution that you don't want to deal with. 
5. Team fittings: Team G will organize a team fitting to make sure each kid is sized appropriately, let us work for you!
6. Price or Quality: Why not both? 
7. No manufacturer commitments: While we cherish our relationship with our manufacturers, too many team dealers let their personal relationships influence what they sell. Rather let's find out what you want, what you like, and what your budget is, and Team G will find the appropriate vendor for you. 
8. Team Sales: Don't chase after money, let us collect for you.
9. Team Stores: Don't collect checks and lose messy ordering forms, Team G Sports offers a web store for your team's apparel and let us do it for you (additional charges may apply. 
10. Win the battle off the bus: It's important for you to gain the edge by looking good when you take the field. Dressing sharp gives your players or employees extra confidence and will give your team the extra boost it needs to seize the day!

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